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Learning Italian
with Word Puzzles, short stories and proverbs


Learning Italian with Word Puzzles
Learning Italian with Word Puzzles

Learning Italian with Word Puzzles

One of the most tedious tasks in learning a language is memorizing words. Whole rows of words, hundreds, thousands, just to pass the exam, the certificate, the degree. And once you get to Italy. you can't memorize them.

Couldn't learning Italian vocabulary more fun? Yes, of course it can!

This booklet contains about 20 puzzles, anagrams, with which you can playfully try to embed words in your memory. In each puzzle, you must guess a number of words belonging to a particular theme (at the pub, at the dentist, at the supermarket, etc.) based on the translation and the mixed-up letters of the word.

In addition to the puzzle, for support, there are short, simple stories in Italian, with the translation in which the words to be guessed occur. Finally, the numbered letters of the Italian words make up an Italian saying, which is also given in translation. With all these resources, you should succeed! If you're really stuck, you'll find the solutions at the end of the book. The solution to each proverb is written upside down and below the translation to make cheating more difficult.

Good luck! And above all: have fun!

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In traffic

C'era una volta una ragazza di nome Sofia che amava andare in bicicletta. Ogni giorno, per andare a scuola, percorreva la strada della sua città. Un giorno, mentre pedalava felicemente lungo il marciapiede, si rese conto che il semaforo era rosso. Sofia fermò la sua bicicletta e guardò intorno. Mentre aspettava pazientemente, notò una macchina rossa accanto a lei. Il conducente, un signore gentile, le sorrise. Dopo un po', il semaforo si mise verde, e Sofia riprese a pedalare. La macchina la seguì, e insieme imboccavano la rotatoria. Sofia si sentiva felice di condividere la strada con altri utenti. Pedalando verso la scuola, pensò che la strada fosse un posto speciale, dove le biciclette, le macchine e le persone potevano coesistere in armonia. Da quel giorno, ogni volta che vedeva il semaforo rosso, sorrideva e si ricordava di quell'incontro sulla strada.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Sofia who loved to ride a bicycle. Every day she happily cycled along the streets of her town to go to school. One day, on the sidewalk, she noticed that the traffic light was red. Sofia stopped her bicycle and looked around. As she waited patiently, she saw a red car next to her. The friendly driver smiled at her. Then, the traffic light turned green, and Sofia started riding her bike again. The car followed her, and they rode into the traffic circle. Sofia felt happy to share the road with other road users. As she cycled to school, it occurred to her that the street was a special place where bikes, cars and people could live together harmoniously. From that day on, she smiled every time she saw a red traffic light and remembered that meeting on the street.

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